The story behind the logo

The logo purposely breaks the name into 2 parts; ‘Pix’ and ‘ometry’


Pix is instantly relatable to pictures, photos or images (and even pixels in recognition to the ‘pi’ in Elpical)


‘ometry’ taken from the action of measuring or processing something mathematically


Combining the two results in a name that perfectly reflects the company’s vision


The blue square represents a camera’s viewfinder. The dot of the ‘i’ is centered within the square and representative of the central focus-point of the viewfinder.


The contradictory colouring of the text reflects the origin of photography, black and white.


The positioning is also purposeful; Pix being the ‘positive’ and in the frame of the camera viewfinder, ‘ometry’ being the ‘negative’ and out of view, but providing the technical information.

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